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Ebony Iman Dallas is an artist, designer and founder of Afrikanation Artists Organization. Born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK, Ebony currently resides between Oklahoma and Hargeysa, Somaliland/Somalia. Her name is representative of her bicultural background, African-American and Somali. Ebony stands for her mother, Iman for her late biological father and Dallas for her father who raised her as his own. EID comes together to shape the woman and artist she is today.

In 2003, Ebony graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with BA Journalism-Advertising and Art Degree. She went on to pursue an advertising career in Oakland, California. During this time, she become an art director working for clients including Sunny D, General Motors, Procter and Gamble and Disney.

In 2007, Ebony entered the MFA Design program at California College of the Arts full-time. Her final thesis entitled "Painted Bridges," explored ways to unify diverse populations within the African diaspora through art and design in effort to promote solution finding for common challenges affecting them disproportionately.

Ebony went on to found Afrikanation Artists Organization, a non-profit, NGO based Hargeisa, Somaliland/Somalia in March 2010. AAO works to restore and support past, present and future Somali art culture though arts education, a professional artist network and community outreach.

Through her artwork, she combines rich and fiery hues with whimsical forms in order to truly bring the spirit and energy of her subjects to life. With a focus on authenticity and progress, her artwork takes form organically with each line determining the shape and direction of the next. This process has in turn brought forth many results that were both unexpected and true on a subconscious and spiritual level.

Ebony Dallas

Artistic Medium: Painting, Graphic Design

Nationality: Somali-American · Location: Oklahoma City OK US

Languages Spoken: English, Somali

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