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International Art Exchange Project

The Afrikanation International Art Exchange is an artistic collaboration amongst artists of diverse mediums and cultural backgrounds. We are grateful that Prince Claus Fund has partnered us in the latest edition involving Ethiopian and Somali artists and communities.

Collaboration 1: Family Rituals and Traditions

STEP 1: Artist 1 begins by answering a question through their artistic medium of choice then completes an interview explaining their artistic response. Scroll down to view the collaboration beginning with Artist 1.

Bahcha Mohamed

What family rituals and traditions have sustained you and your family over time?

Painting by Bahcha Mohamed | For Amharic subtitles, click here.

Art by Bahcha Mohamed

STEP 2: Artist 2 reviews the artwork created by the Artist 1, then creates new art in response.

Jeff & Sofie Mims
Film, Music, Photo
Ethiopia, USA

Macha Rose
Film, Photography

Jeff Mims
Film, Music
Artist 1, Wahiib Mustafe - Interview was filmed and edited by Hassan Banaroma and Macha Rose. Translations by Mohamed Gulaid.
Artist 2, Jeff and Sofie Mims - Interview filmed and edited by Jeff Mims.